Downunder, MOJO Downunder - What would Bond wear?

Over the course of 54 years and 26 feature length movies we never once see James Bond in his underwear*. This is pretty impressive, considering how often he takes his clothes off. Given that Bond is always impeccably dressed, whether it's hiking up a snowy mountain or betting big in black tie at the blackjack table, we know he's going to choose the right underwear to compliment his outfit.

Over the years Bond's choice of trousers has kept up with fashion. Just as Roger Moore wore flares, Daniel Craig wears the current 1960's inspired fashion trends. This means that Craig dresses a lot like Sean Connery did in his Bond films. There are differences, but at a glance their suits look similar. You'll see that Connery's suit trousers are high waisted, Craig's waistband sits closer to his hips. Craig wears 'drainpipe' suits. The legs have a very close fit in the thighs and remain narrow and straight from the knee to the hem. Neither of their trouser choices require a belt. They use side-adjusters with a hidden elastic band, and straps that fasten with a buckle. The waistband fastens with a hidden clasp at the end of a square waistband extension. This ensures the front of the trousers remain straight.

Given the close fit around the waist, hips and the thighs, Daniel Craig as Bond needs to to carefully choose his underwear. Loose boxer short style underwear would bunch up and ruin the line of his trousers. Looking at the MOJO Downunder range with this in mind you'll immediately see that if Bond ventures online for a spot of shopping, he'll find everything he needs on the MOJO site.

So, let's fit Bond for a few pairs.

While we don't see him in underwear, in Casino Royale, we do see him in swim trunks. This gives us a clear look at his body type. Using MOJO Down Under's Body Type Selection Tool we can see that he fits the Mesomorph, or triangle shape. This makes his first stop on the MOJO Downunder website, the VARSITY range of briefs and trunks, which offer 'extreme comfort and cool colours'. The words 'extreme' and 'cool' are about as Bond as you can get.

For black tie events Bond would want to select the VARSITY TRUNK. This ensures the material of his trousers will move smoothly over his legs and there will be no bunching. The natural fit and "no-ride" bound leg openings mean no chance of VPL (visual pant line) under the fabric of his suit pants. This might be an issue when Bond has to climb out of his Aston Martin DB 10. The supportive double-front pouch will keep Bond suitably 'understated'. Colour is a personal choice but for this exercise but let's say he'd go for the the muted blue.

If Bond needs to put on extreme gear for some mountaintop Kung Fu then he'd be best off to don a pair of CARBON BRIEF underwear. These include carbon fibre in the weave, (see here for more detail on that), and consequently offer truly extreme performance characteristics. With 5% Italian-made Carbon Yarn, these briefs deliver effectively improved regulation of heat, lactic acid and oxygen in Bond's gluteus maximus muscle group. Essential for skiing at high speeds to avoid death by sniper fire.

MOJO Underwear fits Bond like a pair of high performance underwear should. He is the quintessential everyday sportsman and MOJO Downunder is a true fan. If he were to visit, we're confident he'd be a fan of us too.

*Connery is seen in a pair of cream boxer shorts in Never Say Never Again but purists will note that this is not an official James Bond Movie. Bond Author Ian Fleming mentions "nylon underclothes" in Diamonds Are Forever.

NB: MOJO CARBON are 34% Nylon.

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