Read the Backstory on MOJO Carbon for failsafe Xmas Gifting!

Carbon fibre has been around since Thomas Edison burned bamboo to make filaments for his early light bulb designs in 1879. By 1968 companies like Rolls Royce were using it for fan blades in aeroplane engines. Cut to 2016 and you'll find carbon fibre filaments in Formula 1 cars, sunglasses and motorbike gloves. It's a global industry worth more than $18 billion. Now it's in MOJO men's underwear.

There's no shame in admitting that you are not an expert in carbon fibre. We mostly know it's cool, strong and looks good. The name sums it up. There's carbon in there and it's woven into a fibre. Beyond that, you can wing it.

"Yeah, carbon fibre...lightweight tensile strength," (sips beer).

While nobody's looking, let's go over the details. Carbon fibres are about 5-10 microns in diameter, which is roughly 100 times thinner than your average human hair. To make them, carbon atoms are bonded together in crystals that are aligned parallel, lengthways. A few thousand of these bundled together form a 'tow' which can then be woven into a fabric.

Which is where MOJO comes in.

Why would MOJO need tensile strength in trunks and underpants? Carbon fibre materials combine the tensile thing with low weight, chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance, low thermal expansion and excellent good looks.
A pair of underpants which keep their form despite the punishment most men throw at their clothing, doesn't make you hot, keeps you warm, wicks moisture and looks good is what MOJO Carbon delivers.

It wasn't a matter of ticking the box on the fabric order form. Fabric manufacturers don't generally offer carbon fibre as a choice. Getting it made in Australia wasn't straight-forward either. There's probably a carbon fibre spray-on facility somewhere for making ever-lasting Christmas ornaments but MOJO sets its standards higher than that. MOJO underpants and trunks are made right here in Australia with carbon fibres they get from kangaroo whiskers. Well, not really, but they are made in Australia, something which MOJO is very proud of.

The result are garments which are light, durable, comfortable and awesome. They don't stretch out. Buy them to fit and expect them to still fit the same way 3 years from now. They work really well for the ectomorph body type, see here to fit your body shape, the Bondi lifeguards swear by them.

So, if you're after a present with a nice backstory for a man who knows his stuff, (including carbon fibre), you can't really do better than a pair of trunks or a few pairs of undies with the built in high-performance characteristics of a Formula 1 car and the classic stylings of a 1968 Rolls Royce aeroplane engine.

Just make sure you order before December 20 and they will make sure to get them to you in time for Christmas. You'll get $15 off if it's your first order.