What is your body shape?

Legend tells of a mysterious figure who lives a hermetic existence high in the mountains of remote Tibet. He has no means of connection to the outside world. Nobody visits him, he never leaves and small birds roost in his hair.

Even so, he's done one of those questionnaires on Facebook which goes, "What sort of Ninja are you?", or "What is the colour of your name?", or "Which type of rusty bucket do your friends think you are?"

We've all done them. There are some who share the results, "I got Old Green Farm Bucket, what will YOU get?!", but most don't admit it.

Finding out about yourself is kind of irresistible because let's face it, we're all in the dark. None of us know what other people are really thinking about us and we're all just pretending to look cool while we make it up as we go along. A survey which gives us a definitive answer is just too good to pass up, (I'm a Tiger Ninja by the way and my name is Orange Coloured).

There is one area where you can come a pretty definitive type. And this one can actually be useful.

It's to do with your body not your personality.

Humans come in all shapes and sizes but we generally fall into three body types. Knowing yours can help you choose what to eat, how to exercise and most importantly, which pair of underpants to buy.

This is the science of Somatotypes. Like tomato types, but without tomatoes. The three main categories are ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs.

These names were developed by William H. Sheldon and first detailed in his 1954 book, Atlas of Men. While it sounds like a guidebook to finding dudes around the world it is in fact a useful framework on which to make many important man-related decisions.

Here are some basic guidelines to understanding your body type and how it can help you choose the right kind of underwear while you're at it. Have a look at this page to find your type quickly.


While this body type is known for being lean, they don't gain weight easily, the Ectomorph club includes some surprising members.

What is your body shape? Endomorph

Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and believe or not, Arnold Schwarzenegger (though some disagree). However, think Chris Rock and you have the typical Ectomorph.

For athletic prowess think Usain Bolt and Bruce Lee. If you are an Ectomorph then getting fat is not a concern for you. The shelves of the supermarket which offer huge tubs of protein powder and are called things like HUGE and MASSIVE are aimed at you. The other body types don't struggle so much with that issue, but they do pile on the pounds more easily.

If you're nodding your head to the Ectomorph beat then have a look at these great MOJO products that will put your best foot forward every time you put your legs in them.


Here's the body type that every man supposedly wants to be. Wide shoulders, narrow hips, easy to fit, slow to fat. The truth is, while they do have it easier, they actually put on weight as quickly as they lose it. Finding a careful balance keeps this body type in fine form.

What is your body shape? Mesomorph

George Clooney and Bruce Willis are fine examples of Mesomorphic Hollywood actors. Andre Agassi and Cristiano Ronaldo are some super athletes in this body type. The biggest challenge for the Mesomorph man is that he probably had it easier as a younger man and isn't in the habit of training hard to keep his form. This might see him lose the sharp edges as he ages. Finding the right underwear is key. Click here to choose from a range of Mesomorph formulated MOJOs.


Jack Black is a funny guy. Danny De Vito is an impressive actor. This is the Endomorph body type. The category also includes Russell Crowe and Jay Z, so they've got that going for them. Not to mention Wayne Rooney and Markus Ruhl.

What is your Bodyshape? Endomorph

Finding the right fitness regime and the right underpants are high priorities for these guys. Something that fits while you get fit is a must when you're slugging it up the hill. Putting on weight is easily done and keeping it off is hard but tell that to Mike Tyson and he'll ask if you're suggesting he's fat and then deck you.Endomorphs are powerful, stocky and worthy of respect. Click here to shop.

Endomorphs are powerful, stocky and worthy of respect. Click here to shop your body type.

MOJO respects every man and makes underwear for the everyday sportsman, be he Ecto, Meso or Endo morph shaped.

In fact, MOJO is the only underwear brand that makes things specifically for all three body types. So, when it comes to buying underwear, whatever your type, MOJO has you covered.

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