Introducing Mr. MOJO

As a keen sportsman, I love nothing more than getting amongst it in an outdoor environment – whether this includes playing my favourite team sport, going for a run on the beach, meeting friends for a chilled-out Sunday brekkie or bouncing ideas off my favourite female friends about how to find (and keep) the perfect girl.


I align myself with what makes me feel great. I look after my health, try to eat well, find time for fitness and especially enjoy a laugh with friends. Occasionally I’ll treat myself to a sporting event, head to a footy game or grab some Grand Final tickets.


I enjoy my job simply because I strive to be the best at what I do. I’ve worked hard to get where I am and earned a position with some authority that allows me to “give back” to others, offering a helping hand by mentoring those around me.


The coming months will see me share with you my new blog “This Sporting Life”. I’ll reveal my top tips on staying in great shape, finding the right work/life balance, how to maintain good grooming habits, fun sports facts and how to live the best life you can on a daily basis.


Ask Mr MOJO…

Mr MOJO likes to explore and is always open to try new things. “Up For The Challenge” is his middle name, so if there’s a topic you’d like him to investigate in his new blog “This Sporting Life”, please feel free to leave a comment or shoot him an email at