Outlandish adventure holidays for real thrill seekers

Take your next adventure holiday to dizzying new heights. These unique expeditions are far from your 'run of the mill' adventure package. So if you've got a genuine fetish for all things hair raising, and like to live life by the seat of your pants - these adventure trip ideas are sure to tick all your boxes.

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Tour du Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is one of Europe’s most well known adventure spots; those with even the slightest adventurous streak know Chamonix in summer is where it's at. So popular, the area's meandering climbs do get crowded with multitudes of hopefuls dragging themselves uphill in questionable lycra, tipping water all over themselves as they fight for air under the scorching sun. However, hit Mont Blanc off-season, and you'll have these same favourite routes are all to yourself. The perfect time to really test yourself and find out what the fuss it all about.

Find out more about tackling Mont Blanc away from the crowds here.

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Surf Empty Waves on Jeju Island, South Korea

Steadily gaining popularity with travellers, South Korea is more recently being touted as one of the world's up and coming surf destinations. This small but fervent scene is mostly found around the idyllic Jeji Island, located in the Korea Strait. With warm weather all year round and spotless, pretty much empty beaches; you'll have most waves all to yourself.

Find out more about surfing in Jeju Island here.

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Hike to Ciudad Perdida, Colombia’s Lost City

Colombia has become a mecca for adventure tourism in recent years, since the government and FARC rebels have come to somewhat of an agreement which has brought peace to the country. With an incredible diverse culture, Colombia has so much to offer; from a vibrant party scene, pristine paradise beaches and jungle. 

Colombia's lost city - not so lost anymore, can be found in Santa Marta. Tayrona National Park is home to Ciudad Perdida and can only be accessed by booking a hiking tour, which will lead you on an unforgettable journey through dense jungle,  visiting native villages, swimming in crystal lagoons, before ascending 1200 steps to the lost city. 

Find out more about Ciudad Perdida here.

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Canoe the Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe

After years under the thumb of the chaotic and corrupt Mugabe regime, Zimbabwe is slowly-but-surely opening its arms back out towards the world, offering with it their staggeringly beautiful nature spots. Chief amongst them is Mana Pools National Park, an undisturbed conservation area and UNESCO World Heritage site, bisected by the Zambezi River. Whereas other equivalent national parks have long been established as some of the best adventure destinations, Mana Pools has been overlooked - until now, that is. Africa Exclusive are launching the first seven-day expeditions to Mana Pools this year, with an itinerary that will have you canoeing down the river and moving on foot to explore the wonders of the park and its variety of inhabitants.

Learn more about canoeing through Mana Pools here.

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Sea Kayaking Komodo Dragon Expedition - Indonesia

Get up close and personal with komodo dragons whilst on a 12 day kayaking trip to remote beaches, over vibrant coral reefs and navigate through the idyllic paradise islands of Indonesia.

An experienced guide will lead you on your adventure with numerous other animals to be seen, including: buffaloes, deer, monkeys and wild pigs, this holiday is a real treat for nature lovers and activity enthusiasts alike and promises to be an adventure that you’ll never forget.
Physical challenges as well as plenty of chances to relax ensure a healthy balance throughout the 12 day itinerary with guided tours in Komodo National Park offering you the chance to learn a few kayaking skills. There are lots of komodo dragons within the park and approaching these animals responsibly is essential advice for travellers. 

Learn more about the Komodo Dragon Expedition here.


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