Turn up the heat.

Meet Cam Simpson: Firefighter at 085 Chester Hill Fire & Rescue; Australian Firefighters Calendar Poster Boy, and just because he needed something else to do on his weekends...Australian Ninja Warrior.

Cam has been a fire fighter for 5 years and loves the reward he gets from helping his community. “Fires can be devastating for people; not just from the physical impact but also an emotional one” he explains. “Each call-out we get is unique, and while we train for every situation, when we turn up for a job the adrenaline and anticipation kicks into overdrive”. 

Graduating top of his class (they even awarded him the coveted Silver Axe…we think its an actual axe too!), Cam is both a general duties firie as well as a specialist hazardous material technician.  “My job in that role involves identifying, containing and rendering safe, hazardous materials including chemicals and radiological material”.

Apart from protecting his community, Cam also dedicates a ton of his (spare) time to supporting charities. “One of the main things that keeps me motivated is the charities that we support.  As Firies we help raise money for them so they can keep doing the amazing work they do for the people in our community.  A few of us visit the Sydney Children’s Hospital to do the rounds and visit the kids...this always puts life into perspective for me”.

Cam is currently training for the MotorNeurone Disease Firefighter Stair Climb. It’s on the 20th of this month and the goal is to raise money to help the cause. Cam said it will be his third time climbing up all (99 floors) of Sydney Tower in full turnout gear (including breathing apparatus), looking to beat his previous time. 

Wow mate as we sit in our MOJO HQ office in Bondi…you make us feel pretty lazy!

In 2017 Cam competed in Ninja Warrior Australia and made it through the heats to reach the semi final.  “I’m always up for a challenge and after watching every season of the show I realised it’d be a great challenge for me!  Although I was eliminated this event was such cool experience. I Enjoyed every part of it especially the challenges of each course...and I even had my favourite MOJO Carbon’s on during the event”.  

If you want to see a little more of our man of MOJO Cam Simpson, grab yourself a copy of the Australian Fire Fighters Calendar where you can gain some sweet eye candy and support much needed charities at the same time!

For more on Cam Simpson check out his Facebook and Instagram pages.

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