The Wounded Pelicans have put their money where their mouths are, with a yearlong commitment of endurance trials to raise money for Cancer Council Queensland.
Call them wounded, but Christopher Evans and Antony Sedman, both 24, and their team are certainly not injured as they take part in more than 35 physically challenging events in an effort to raise funds for the worthy charity.
Harnessing their natural urges to stay fit, enhance mental endurance and have fun, Chris and Ant were inspired by the dedication of the Cancer Council’s own running team at many of the events they’d attended over the years. So they chose an aspirational amount of $20,000 to try to raise then donate to Cancer Council Queensland.
Having already run 28 events this year, they finished their 29th run wearing MOJO underwear on Sunday September 4. Running on treadmills for 24 hours in their “super comfy” MOJO men’s trunks, the friends completed 132km while earning more money for their chosen charity.
Chris and Ant aim to put a spring in the Cancer Council’s step and inspire others to get “out of their comfort zone”, stating on their website that “there isn’t a cure for all cancers yet so us running and raising money for them is our way of helping”.
They ran the entire treadmill event at Justins Park at Burleigh Beach wearing the MOJO brand. Chris made the declaration that no matter whether you’re wearing your MOJO’s the right way or inside out, “they’re still comfortable”.
In his haste to dress at 4am in the morning for the gruelling upcoming event, Chris put on his MOJO men’s trunks inside out. This nonchalant attitude evident in his attire is definitely an element in the duo’s success in recent months – both staring physical challenges in the face as they put their names (and bodies) behind such a great cause.
The pair told ABC news online on the day, “This event has been in the works for the last 10 weeks so for it to turn from idea to reality is just unbelievable. This is endurance at its finest. We both ran 132km which is short of what we want but treadmill running isn't easy.”
The two friends have already accomplished the Gold Coast Airport Marathon, Tough MudderBridge to Brisbane Day and numerous 100km events.
In a more personal quest, the duo plus two friends have recently returned to Australia after trekking the mammoth 96km Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea. While the eight-day trek ticks off personal goals for the duo it also helps them prepare for the upcoming punishing 160km Nerang State Forest Trail Ultramarathon.

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