Rise of the Phoenix.

Phoenix Vaiotu is a rising talent in the world of …. well almost anything he wants! 
Originally a product of New Zealand (seems to be a trend with our lads!), Phoenix has been living in Sydney with his family since he was 6. In just a short conversation with this charismatic and unassuming young guy, you realise that family is the most important thing in his life. 
“My parents are both Samoan, I have 4 brothers, 2 sisters in-law, a beautiful niece & handsome nephew” explains Phoenix. “I also have the most beautiful girlfriend who is such an inspiration to me”.

Growing up Phoenix played rugby league which is no surprise considering his heritage. A lover of the Rabbitoh’s (well he can’t be perfect!), his school years were always physical but a few years ago he found himself at 120kg’s and felt conscious about his weight.  "It was effecting all my relationships and since I was studying, I found it really hard to keep my eating and activity in check.  In September 2016 I turned my diet around and I lost 30kgs in 3 months.  By the start of the new year I weighed under 90kgs and have managed to keep the weight off since”. 
The great thing about this is that Phoenix has influenced his girlfriend and entire family to focus on living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  Phoenix describes the journey as life changing because his mind set changed as much as his physical body did.

“I found myself more confident, happier and my energy levels went through the roof. This new energy has helped me unlock my creative mind again and my passion for music, film, photography and art has really come to the forefront of my life”.  "I feel blessed to be a natural on piano and guitar but my focus for now is on the visual arts”.
As a WSU Graduate - Bachelor of Design Studies, Phoenix now does freelance film and photography work along with a little modelling on the side which is how we found him…wearing his bright orange MOJO Basic 2.0’s. “I am preparing for for my first catwalk with PACIFIC RUNWAY 2018 which is really exciting but also a little intimidating too”. 
"In 2018 I find myself studying hard, working hard, playing hard...and of course I am absolutely loving life”. 

Here at MOJO we get inspired by ordinary guys who manage to work through life’s challenges to better themselves and those around them. Do you know any ordinary guys who live an extraordinary life? If so let us know because would love to connect.  For now, be sure to follow Phoenix’s photography on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.

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