We've made some big strides lately here at MOJO. A new look website, a fresh new take on our blog, a new range release. We've put out a new TVC which is going to air over the next few months, our founder is featuring in an article on Inside Small Business and there's more to come.
With all that's going on I thought it might be time to take a minute to reflect on our core business. That's you. Without your support, we'd be nowhere. Your mojo is our MOJO and we think each and every one of our customers is awesome.
Recently we had a chance to work with a guy, who apart from being a really nice bloke, just happens to be an existing MOJO customer. His name is Owen, he works as a cameraman for a production company we recently used, and he mentioned that he's been a fan of MOJO for ages. He was even wearing a pair.
So, what a great opportunity to talk to a loyal MOJO man and get the inside running on what makes him happy, what gets him out of bed (besides work) and what he's looking for in a pair of underwear.
Owen Mojo Dowunder Surfer
Profile Owen
Occupation  Cameraman
Wears Mojo Trunks
Drives Amarok
Sports Surfing Running
Interests  Camping, Motocross, Marathons

Mr MOJO: Thanks for doing this Owen, we really appreciate your support. Can I ask what got you onto MOJO in the first place?
Owen: Yeah, no worries. I used to wear CKs to be honest but at one point I was getting used as a day player a fair bit and they get their money's worth. By the end of the day I wasn't enjoying how they felt. A mate put me on to MOJO, he works in search and rescue, and I haven't looked back.
Mr MOJO: So you wear them for work?
Owen: I wear them for everything. I have ones I use for work, the trunks never ride up, and I wear the jockeys when I go mountain biking mostly. I also run a fair bit for fun when work allows.
Mr MOJO: You do marathons?
Owen: Yeah, I really enjoy running with mates to help out charities.
Mr MOJO: OK, this has nothing to do with underwear, but I noticed you drive a ute, any recommendations? I'm in the market for a new one.
Owen: (Laughs) Sure, I bought an Amarok last year. Love it. Bit annoyed they just came out with the V6 after I got mine. Would've like one of those. What are you looking at?
Mr MOJO: Amaroks look good. Maybe the new HiLux, they are built to last. What do you think of the BT-50?
Owen: Same build as a Ranger, I prefer they way they look. I used to drive a HiLux, great vehicle, but my VW is more comfortable for when I get away with the girlfriend.
Mr MOJO: Does she also approve of your choice of underwear?
Owen: Yeah, she likes them, they are well built.

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