Audaciously Australian

MOJO has teamed up with Australia's iconic farting dog MAMBO to produce the Audacious Australiana Collection of Briefs and Trunks.  The new collection has been designed by a number of Australian based artists but its Kiwi born Blair Sayer who is the talent behind the very cool 'Cattle Dog' print. 

Blair’s early years involved climbing kiwi electric fences, taunting medium sized dogs, and a lot of doodling on napkins (when other children were learning to write their own names).  When he turned fifteen, he found a paying outlet for his sketches, and became the political cartoonist for the local rag. The quest for higher education (but mostly higher pay packets!) spurred him towards the giddy heights of the esteemed Wellington Polytechnic's School of Design, where in 1993, he graduated with a Diploma in Visual Communications and Design.  He has been a freelance illustrator since 1994 and absolutely loves what he does.  Check out Blairs work on his sweet Blog Page or on Facebook.  

The MAMBO range is designed as the all day, every day underwear for guys who live an active lifestyle...and who don't mind being a little flashy!  Check out Cattle Dog and the entire MAMBO range HERE

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