Built For Speed

He’s not allowed to drive on our streets yet this young kid from North Queensland is already hitting speeds the rest of us only dream of.  Following on from his last Adelaide race where he drove the MOJO 888 inspired Aussie Car, we caught up for a quick chat (and donut) with 15 year old Keelan Dunston.

Hi Keelan, how long have you been racing?

I started in go-karts when I was 7 and jumped into an Aussie car for the first time this year.  I love the thrill of these cars they are super quick and stick like glue to the track.

What’s your nick name?

Kizza – its not really creative I know!

Where were you born?

Townsville and I have been there all 15 years of my life!

Who is influences you?

My Mum and Dad…I know it’s a cliché but I’m only 15 so maybe ask me this again in 5 years!

Who is your favourite racing car driver?

Jamie Whincup

Who or what inspires you become a fulltime racer?

Passing my sister Madison!  You see I know she is super fast behind the wheel so when I can pass her I know I can race. Aside from that I'm really analytical so when I get the helmet on, strap into the seat I am in a zone that I can relate too. When travelling at speeds of 200+ kph every decision and action you make has a consequence and I treat this process like a task I must complete. 

I guess I should also add that I love the adrenalin of being on the limits of control, racing in such close proximity with other cars also on the limit is very cool and the speeds we race at are sweet. Once day I hope to experience the adrenalin of a Le Mans car...now that would be fast!

Who rocks your world?

My Dad. Without him I wouldn’t be racing and he is such a great support both on and off the track...he is also a pretty cool guy to have around too.

Do you have a special dietary regime you stick too?

Yep… its called sugar.  I love to eat well but I really love to eat donuts… so my favourite sponsor of all time would be Donut King!

Be sure to follow Keelan's journey here at MOJO. 

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  • Mourell Dunston

    Woohoo go mate.. Keelan is my nephew and we are super proud of him and his achievements. Such an inspiring young man..

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