Hugh Jackman Underwear
"I found my Mojo"
- Hugh Jackman, Entertainer & Aussie legend 
Harries Carrol Bondi Lifesaver Surfer Underwear
"I wear my Mojos Carbons in the surf, when I run, teaching pilates, love em"
- Harries Carroll,  Bondi Lifeguard
Jeremy Laidler Underwear
"I train, play and work out in them, they are the best"
- Jeremy Laidler, Sydney Swan AFL Player 
"They don’t ride up, they’re great, I drop in but they dont"
- Jesse Pollock, Big Wave Rider & Bondi Lifeguard
Owen Lifesaver Underwear
"You will never wear anything else"
- Owen, Life Saver and Camera man
Owen Lifesaver Underwear
"Goes the distance, and so comfortable"
- Ant, Marathon Runner
Owen Lifesaver Underwear
"They keep up and stay up, unbelievable comfort, no chaffing"
- Chris, Marathon Runner
Marathon Runner - Underwear
"I ran the New York Marathon in the Carbon Mojo's with no chafing or riding , great undies!!"
- Paul Curzon, Marathon Runner & Carpenter 
Firefighter Underwear
"Loving the boxers, such an awesome product!"
- Cameron Simpson, NSW Firefighter
All our boxers love the carbon trunks, great sports underwear
"All our boxers love the carbon trunks, great sports underwear"
- Paul Nasari, Australian Boxer & Promoter
Corey Budd
"The Carbon Mojo's are great when I ride and the 888 range great for work"
- Corey Budd, Construction Project Manager / Downhill Mountain Biker
"Its hard to find a great all round brief, I have found them in Mojo, 10/10"
- David, USA
"Mojos give me great support, and are super comfortable"
- George, USA
"I want to be your supplier in Cambodia, amazing products"
- Davy, Cambodia
"My entire undie drawer is full of Mojo, I tossed the rest"
- Mark, Australia
"My husband loves them, and they love him, woo hoo"
- Petra, Sweden
"Meraviglioso, piuccheperfetto"
- Gino, Italy
Chris "Douggs" McDougall
"For going hard and living free………Go Mojo!"
- Chris "Douggs" McDougall, World Base Jumping Champion
"I’ve got my Mojos to keep me together, I rate them No 1"
- Dean Smith, Pro Wake Boarder
"I've been wearing them all the time and Love em"
- Scott O'Brien, Fire Fighter