Mojo goes to L.A.

Mojo goes to L.A.

MOJO is set to appear in an article for top-ranking, informative LA-based men’s underwear blog, The Underwear Expert

In a  coup for local brand MOJO, the label has piqued the interest of LA men’s underwear style blogger The Underwear Expert. The Australian men’s underwear brand will join the ranks of the world’s leading men’s labels that have already appeared on the site, which is popular for its comprehensive and unbiased product reviews.

The Underwear Expert is the creation of Michael Kleinmann, founder and CEO of the concept website. Kleinmann, a marketing and technology guru with more than a decade’s experience in the men’s underwear industry, has been very vocal about his appreciation for MOJO’s high quality products and design appeal.

Founded in January 2012, The Underwear Expert’s prominent global reputation has grown from its ability to source the latest news and highlights, while making spot-on predictions about industry trends.

Quality, As Well As Quantity

What stands The Underwear Expert apart from competitor blogs is its informative content. While other men’s underwear blogs tend to be quite ‘salesy’ in their tone, flogging products left, right and centre, The Underwear Expert helps buyers make informed choices by categorising then selecting the best product for the job. Kleinmann prides himself on using writers who aren’t just interested in the money shot but offer invaluable advice about the latest styles and designs.