The Girl with The Kangaroo Paw

Forget the girl with the dragon tattoo…Australia’s very own Lauren Webster is 'The Girl with The Kangaroo Paw’.

Lauren is a Sydney based artist who has exhibited solo exhibitions and in group shows across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Paris and Los Angeles.  As well as creating her own artworks and other products which showcase her art, Lauren revels in creative collaboration.

The artist has lent her recognisable aesthetic to collaborative projects with fashion labels, surf and skate brands, photographers, object designers, jewellers, interior decorators, magazines, music festivals and much more.

Lauren started drawing as a kid and she loved to dream things up and splash them straight down. She drawers upon a broad range of influences both in the art world and outside of it, and is constantly influenced by vintage graphics and retro design elements, whether it’s album art, vintage cars, tee shirts, or vintage postcards.

"All of that goodness makes my heart flutter and I use it in my work” explains Lauren.  "As far as specifics, I have a lengthy a list of artists who inspire me endlessly. Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Patti Smith, Jack Kerouac, Wes Anderson, Bob Dylan, Ryan McGinley and Raymond Pettibon make up a small part of the gang who inspire me.  

My art is the painted and drawn marks depicting what's inside my mind and to where it wanders.  I find it a little difficult to describe my art in words… but a few that spring to mind are; analogue, heartfelt, graphic and nostalgic”.

Lauren & The Lost Boys, (her social media pseudonym) has been adopted over the years as the umbrella under which her range of creative outlets are explored and shared. Her work is truly original and we are thrilled to have her creative talent now wrapped firmly around the waists of men around the world.  You can check out our MAMBO Kangaroo Paw Range HERE and  and head to Lauren Webster to see more of this talented artists work.


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